My Google Reader is constantly in a state of “1000+ unread items” and I’m not going to lie, it stresses me out. I have so many blogs I like to keep up with, but not zillions of extra hours in the day to scroll through the endless amount of prose. Categorically, they’re all divided into 5 groups:

  • All the random shit that teaches me things andor makes me laugh
  • Fashion Biddies I’m Jealous Of
  • Running Biddies I’m Jealous Of
  • Social Media and WERK
  • Friends Who Write Shit



Just a small sampling…


The “Social Media and WERK” folder gets down to zero the most often because I justify reading endlessly to stay up on social/digital/marketing/advertising/suck a tail pipe/etc. The folder that I like reading the most? Definitely “Running Biddies I’m Jealous Of” (which has morphed to now include running dudes and a few other sweat lovers that may not be 100% runners but still motivate me just the same). If I’m not in the mood to lace up on a certain day, I just hop on over to a few of my favorite run-writers and after a post or two I’ve either shamed myself into getting out on the road because if they can do it I can do it or feel totally exhilarated by their posts and no longer have any doubts about whether I should be slamming the pavement or not! Pretty good system, if you ask me. Any other fitness blog suggestions out there??


Sweat achievements of the last week:

Tuesday – Pop Physique

Wednesday – YBB

Thursday – 4 mi. Run

Friday – REST (aka Ice Skating date with my bestie)

Saturday – 8 mi. Run

Sunday – REST (wasn’t planned, but the Patriots game coupled with the Golden Globes quickly ate up my day)

Monday – 3 mi. Run / YBB


Anyone else behind on marathon training?? I’m starting to get a little worried about my current condition…