Every few months I get a new surge of motivation/desire to blog more. (See here. And here.) I’ll write a post and have this whole big plan of continuing on, finally keeping it updated. And, somehow, that never comes to fruition. That lonely post languishes until a few months down the line when it finally gets bumped down in the ‘Hey, Hey, LBK!’ archives.


Maybe a new year is the perfect time to make that change. Walking from work to Pop Physique today, I was ruminating on why I haven’t been able to stick to a blog publishing schedule in months years past and, in doing so, thought about all of my favorite blogs and why I like them so much. I like personal accounts, I LOVE fitness and running blogs, I enjoy fashion and style spots, and I can even appreciate yummy pictures of food as long as it’s not the only thing you’re posting. But, with all of these examples, I do like the focus and consistency the bloggers have. I lack that focus for what I want to blog about. So I’m taking a cue from my favorites and assigning each day of the week a topic.

Sunday: food

Monday: entertainment/culture/LA

Tuesday: fitness

Wednesday: style

Thursday: travel

Friday: friends/catchall inspired by Whatley’s Friday Five

Saturday: social media/tech/marketing/branding


VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL: This does not mean I have to blog every day. I think for now I’m aiming for 2 days a week, but with this breakdown I’ll have something to go off depending on which day(s) I choose to post. (Let’s be honest, I’m going to do Tuesdays. Every. Week. Get ready for some sweat.) Also, some of these overlap. I’m ok with that. Hope you are too. Maybe it will make it easier for me to always have something to write about…


In the spirit of this new venture, here’s my Tuesday fitness report for the last week:

Tuesday (1/1): rest day AKA Happy New Year

Wednesday: Yoga Booty Ballet w/ Kristen (my favorite!)

Thursday: Pop

Friday: rest (got sick on the plane back from Boston and 100% needed some refuel time)

Saturday: AM yoga

Sunday: Runyon x2 followed by 4 mi. run

Monday: rest (still sick…)


Boom. Sweat city.


I’m currently training for the LA Marathon in March (65 days!) and the Fargo Marathon in May, so look forward to lots more running appearances (I love cross training too much and really need to devote some serious Mizuno time on the asap).


I leave you with this, because it has made me laugh for a month straight.