OK! Two races on the agenda in October, so I’m buckling down and trying to get hardcore about training again. After THE MARATHON I took 5 days off from any exercise whatsoever, and a month off from running. Sprinkling a few runs here and there (got a killer 18-miler in one Saturday in May), I mostly focused on hiking, yoga-ing, dancing, and sculpting classes over the summer. I had a pretty good inkling that I would do the LA RnR Half Marathon again at the end of October, so I registered way back in January… And then a certain someone convinced me to sign up for the BAA Half Marathon just three weeks before LA…so…yay! Running! Have to get back into it!

Luckily, I have ALL of these to choose from! I think the Mizunos will be racing in both October halfs, so I have to start breaking those bad boys in.

I finally sat down at the end of July and set out my goals for the next few months and wrote out my beautiful training calendars before taping them to my wall (right next to my door so they mock me every time I come and go!). Every day I complete gets highlighted in yellow, and if (when…) I skip a workout it gets highlighted in pink (ANGRY!).

Highlighters! Color coding! Marking things off like a boss!


Monday – Yoga Booty Ballet

Tuesday – Run 5 / Late Night Yoga

Wednesday – Run 6 / YBB

Thursday – Run 8 / Pop Physique

Friday – REST

Saturday – Run 9

Sunday – Run 5


Truly inspirational.

A great(?) problem that I have: I like cross training too much. Yoga Booty Ballet, Pop Physique, Late Night Yoga, hiking, swimming, etc. are all things I LOVE doing, but takes away from energy I should put towards running when I’m thinking about upcoming races. So I’ve been trying to scale back on the “fun” workouts and talk myself into running more. I should also try to talk myself into calling running a “fun” workout. But HOW?!