To Whom It May Concern:

In August of 2010, I drove across the country with my best friend, Kasey Fielding. We started in Boston, and trekked our way to Los Angeles stopping at a Dunkin’ Donuts at least once a day. In Las Vegas, when we knew it was our last DD stop before California, we loaded up a 64-ounce cooler full of iced coffee to supply us and some other east coast transplants with a taste of home. The trip was unforgettable and Dunkin played a large part in it.

It’s time for round two.

We’re planning a trip for December 18th to the 24th. We’ll drive from Los Angeles, CA to Phoenix, AZ to Roswell, NM to Dallas, TX to New Orleans, LA to Atlanta, GA to Washington DC to Boston, MA. And our plan is still to stop at Dunkin Donuts as much as possible.

I should also tell you that the two of us are very connected when it comes to social media. We’re both avid tweeters, we update our Facebook accounts religiously, I check in on Foursquare wherever I go, and we chronicled our last trip in a photo- and video-heavy blog:

I’d love to give Dunkin Donuts a chance to be an integral part in our trip from the corporate side of things. Up front and honestly, we’re both just out of college and tight on cash, so we were hoping to pitch a pay-for-play idea to you. Front our gas money and you effectively have the rights to Cross Country Wifeys–The Roadtrip: THE SEQUEL.

What you want to do with this is completely up to you. As a Dunkin enthusiast coupled with a social media nerd I know your company is heavily involved in your online culture, and I think this could be an opportunity to develop that even more.

Please forward on to the appropriate department/manager.

We’d LOVE to hear back from you!
A true fan,
Laura Kinson