I’m a server.

I started waiting tables at Finale in February of last year, and quickly fell into the fast-paced, late-night culture that breeds close bonds between coworkers and passive aggressive hostility towards low tippers.  I’ve learned a lot from the people I work with who range from fellow servers and bartenders to hostesses, line cooks, bussers, garnishers, and managers.  The team at my location is beyond close; we hang out outside of work even though we all work with each other enough that we should be sick of everyone, we’re all protective and overbearing of each other and know every minute detail of what’s going on in each others’ lives (especially lately with a palpable dip in restaurant-goers spending habits, we have a lot of time to talk), and, maybe most importantly, we know how to make each other laugh.

Which brings me to our holiday party.  Tonight was the annual get-together that included the three locations and our pastry kitchen staff all assembling to celebrate the distinction of serving chocolate molten cakes.  We were warned of this little shindig about a month ago and also told that part of the festivities would be the inclusion of “Finale’s Got Talent.”  You better believe we got excited.

Colin, a kitchen dude who has quickly climbed the ranks from garnisher and can now handle any of the stations (pastry, lunch, dinner, dessert line) with ease, has quite the knack for rewriting Top 40s songs and has made it a habit to work Finale as a theme into quite a few.  One night a couple months back he came up to me with the line “You wear aprons/I wear jackets” in place of Taylor Swift’s “She wears short skirts/I wear t-shirts” from You Belong With Me.  I quickly countered with, “You do prelude/And I do sugar packets,” which was then followed up with “Waiting for the day when you come up to the line/And find my creme brulee has been here the whole time!”

Needless to say, when the two of us found out about “Finale’s Got Talent” we knew what we’d be entering the competition with.  It took a few post-shift bar visits and texting conversations to nail down the final lyrics, but tonight we shined in all our glory and ended on a pretty sweet note (pun, definitely, intended).